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Drive positive change

HSBC Asset Management at COP 26

As a asset manager, we have an important role to play in mobilizing capital to combat climate change. We are pleased to participate in COP26, the long awaited global summit that brings together governments and corporate leaders to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future.


HSBC AM on COP 26 outcomes

Our key takeaways from COP26 and the impacts of COP26 on liquid and illiquid assets.

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As the world moves to a net zero carbon future, we are committed to playing our part in addressing climate change, both as a business and as stewards of our clients’ assets. HSBC Asset Management is proud to be part of this important initiative and to contribute to an industry-wide push to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

   Nicolas Moreau, Global CEO
HSBC Asset Management

The commitments made at COP26 mark a major milestone in the journey to net zero, with important implications for both financial markets and investors around the world. One clear trend we expect to emerge is an increase in alternative asset classes and issuance that provides funding for projects and businesses that support the transition to lower emissions. Sustainable infrastructure, clean tech and nature-based solutions will become more widely available.

   Erin Leonard, Global Head of Sustainability
HSBC Asset Management

Why is it important for HSBC Asset Management to be part of the COP26 conference?

the global transition

COP26 is an historic opportunity that brings together the public and private sectors to accelerate the global transition to net zero.

the global transition

Climate change needs borderless solutions and action. Our global scale and footprint in emerging markets makes us particularly well positioned to allocate funds where the most impact can be made.

the global transition

One of the main objectives of COP26 is to protect and restore nature for the benefit of people and climate – this is a principal area that we aim to focus on with the creation of Climate Asset Management.

the global transition

Our priorities include helping clients to achieve their sustainability and investment goals; developing natural capital as a new asset class; and encouraging positive behavior through engagement and collaborating with the industry.


Natural Capital – rebirth of an asset class

The cards are falling into place for the return of natural capital as an asset class.

26 February 2021

Investor’s guide to natural capital

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05 November 2021

HSBC Asset Management participation in COP 26

COP26 Investment implications

01 December 2021

Climate change – the biggest disruptor

To avoid the most dire consequences of climate change, innovation is the answer and presents an opportunity for investors.

01 December 2021


McKinsey Sustainability – How to deliver investment in Nature

Nicolas Moreau took part in a panel discussion for the Nature Day during COP26. This panel addresses the question of how to invest in Nature, which is an essential component of the Net Zero transition. The dialogue touches on the role of carbon markets and the timing and growth of investment.

Watch the replay

HSBC Asset Management on COP 26 outcomes

Our key takeaways from COP26 and the impacts of COP26 on liquid and illiquid assets.

Watch the replay

Natural Capital - Rebirth of an asset class

Interview of Michael Ridley, Director, Senior Responsible Investment Specialist

Nature based solutions - Investing to protect our biodiversity

Hear from our expert Stuart Kirk, Global Head of Responsible Investment

Combating climate change - Together we can rewire the economy

Hear from our expert Angus Parker, fund manager of HSBC GIF Global Equity Climate Change


The United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties – also known as “COP” – is an annual summit now in its 26th year, bringing together world leaders to accelerate action on climate change. The UK, as the current holder of the rotating COP Presidency, is hosting the talks in Glasgow between 31 October and 12 November 2021. World leaders representing virtually every country on earth will be in attendance at COP26, together with heads of business and finance, NGOs and other multinational organisations.

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