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Natural Capital = Valuing Nature

Harnessing a new investment opportunity
05 November 2021
    Download the full reportPDF, 6.42MB

    Stuart Kirk - Natural Capital

    In a nutshell

    • A great irony in finance is that the world’s oldest and most important asset class is also its least understood and invested in
    • It is estimated that over USD40 trillion of economic value generation, more than half of the world’s output, is moderately to highly dependent on nature. Yet around a fifth of countries are at risk of their ecosystems collapsing
    • An estimated USD8 trillion of investment in nature is required between now and 2050 to tackle the climate, biodiversity, and land degradation crises. That means the roughly USD130 billion per annum that we currently invest in nature will have to triple by 2030, and quadruple by 2050
    • We believe the emergence of natural capital as an asset class can drive the investment needed to change course before it is too late
    • Of course, doing the right thing can’t be the only selling point. There is an immense opportunity for investors in rising value being assigned to nature’s assets and the services they deliver, which are critical to mitigating climate change, in addition to providing almost everything we need to survive and thrive