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How to invest

How do I open an account in the HSBC Corporate Money Fund range?

First you will need to read the Prospectus and familiarise yourself with the Factsheet for the share class(es) in which you want to invest.

In addition to reading the above documentation you will also need the following documentation:

  • A completed Fund Application Form which can be found on the Resources page.

Please refer to the local Investor Contacts who will explain next steps and answers any further questions you may have.

Can I place a transaction by fax?

Yes, please complete a Subsequent Transaction Form, which can be found on our Resources page. Please then fax this document to the number detailed below:

HSBC Corporate Money Funds Ltd, fax +441 279 5800

Faxes must be received by the Administrator before the relevant Dealing Deadline.

How do I settle Redemptions?

Redemption proceeds will be electronically transferred on the Settlement Date to the bank account given in your Subsequent Transaction Form.

Is there anything else that I need to know about settling redemptions?

  • Your initial investment and subsequent transactions should be for the minimum amounts shown below and in the Prospectus. After making an initial investment, your balance may fall below this minimum amount and to zero

What are the minimum initial and subsequent investments amounts?

Available Share Classes
Minimum initial investment Minimum subsequent investment
A Share Class GBP/USD /CAD 1,000,000 25,000
B Share Class GBP/USD/CAD 25,000 10,000
I Share Class GBP/USD/CAD 50,000,000 1,000,000
C Share Class GBP/USD/CAD 100,000,000 10,000,000

Where can I find daily yields?

You can obtain information on the daily yield and net asset value of the HSBC Corporate Money Funds via Investor Resources page. You can also find this information through Bloomberg, the codes for which can be found on the fund factsheet.

  • Dividend income will be declared daily and paid monthly. Dividend income can be paid at any time during the month if you would like to request a full account redemption
  • A record of your account and all transactions is kept by the Administrator. Statements confirming deals, dividends and month-end balances will be sent to you on a monthly basis

Please note that stock certificates are not issued for your holding. The issue and transfer of shares are by book entry.

Do you disclose portfolio holdings details?

Yes, shareholders can elect to receive portfolio holdings reports which are released on a weekly basis, with information provided on Friday, one week in arrears. If you are a shareholder in one or more of the sub-funds and would like to be added to the distribution list to receive holdings reports, please contact the Client Service team by email.

What is the HSBCnet Liquidity Portal?

HSBCnet is the proprietary portal of HSBC via which you can view your current balance information, transaction history and historical yields there. This information can also be downloaded to Microsoft Excel TM. The HSBCnet Liquidity Portal is free to use. To use the Liquidity Portal you will need to have an account with HSBC Corporate Money Funds Ltd. Please contact our Client Service team to set up your profile.

What are HSBC Corporate Money Funds?

HSBC Corporate Money Funds are feeder funds that feed directly into the HSBC Global Liquidity Funds which are pooled money market funds that invest in high quality short term money market instruments. They are Triple A rated and are actively managed within rigid and transparent guidelines to offer safety of principle, same day liquidity and instant counterparty diversification.

Where are the HSBC Corporate Money Funds domiciled?

Our HSBC Corporate Money Funds are domiciled in Bermuda.

What is the benchmark for the HSBC Corporate Money Funds?

The HSBC Corporate Money Funds have no official benchmark, however the fund aims to provide a return which is comparable to normal money market interest rates.

Are the HSBC Corporate Money Funds rated?

The funds have a Triple A rating from Moodys’ (Aaa-mf). This is the highest rating that can be assigned to a product of this type and means that the sub funds are considered to offer the highest level of capital security and lowest level of interest rate sensitivity. An in-depth rating review is conducted annually, supplemented by on-going monitoring and regular detailed reporting to the rating agency.

The evaluation of credit risk involves a number of different factors, including the credit quality of individual holdings, their maturity and the diversification of fund holdings. Taking these three factors into consideration, fund managers can construct portfolios to aim to preserve capital, protect income, and satisfy the strict criteria necessary to qualify for triple-A rating.

What is the target yield of the HSBC Corporate Money Funds?

The aim of the HSBC Corporate Money Funds is to generate a yield comparative to short-term money market deposit rates.

Are the HSBC Corporate Money Funds guaranteed?

There is no implicit expectation of sponsor support from the parent company. However, strict guidelines and investment parameters are in place to offer investors the highest possible levels of security and to ensure the fund meets the principle objectives of capital preservation and liquidity. The funds are inherently conservative and risk averse, meaning that the risk of any single credit event is spread widely and concentration risk to any individual issuer is capped.